What Are Opioids?

Opiates are highly addictive substances used for relieving pain. They range from prescription medications like morphine or oxycodone, to dangerous illegal drugs like heroin.

Prescription opioids are highly addictive substances used for relieving pain.

Heroin and prescription opioids are both opioids.
As far as your brain is concerned, they’re the same thing.

Stages of Addiction

Opioid addiction begins in the first week of use.

Opioid use begins

Addiction symptoms can develop in as little as five days

Opioid use begins to affect work, hobbies, and relationships

Opioid use becomes
primary focus in life

The Effects of Opioid Misuse

Misusing prescription opioids can have serious consequences.

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Taking too much, or taking someone else’s, can overwhelm your body and lead to difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, or overdose.

Mixing with alcohol dramatically increases these risks and puts you at serious risk for overdose.

The Stages Of Overdose

  • Taking too much of an opioid makes it harder to breathe, depriving your brain and heart of oxygen.
  • The lack of oxygen can cause you to lose consciousness.
  • Which can lead to overdose and death.

How Prescription Opioids Can Affect You

When my arm stopped hurting, I had leftover pills. I tried selling them but got caught, now I’m being charged for dealing drugs.

The pain has been gone for a while, but my doctor keeps giving me refills, and now I‘m addicted. I keep needing more and more pills, and my risk of overdose keeps increasing.

I figured opioids can’t be THAT dangerous if a doctor gave them to me, so I decided to drink at a party after taking my prescription. While I was asleep, my organs shut down and I stopped breathing.

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